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In today’s competitive environment, it is not easy to create customer awareness through traditional advertising mediums (Radio, TV, Billboards). Bus advertising serves as the ultimate media vehicle, with your message directly interacting with consumers. Take advantage of ECAT’s massive reach, and utilize our ad space to increase your company’s awareness throughout Escambia County. ECAT offers both interior and exterior bus advertising space.

Both interior and exterior bus advertising provides an incredible opportunity to promote your department or office’s products, events, and services. With 31 buses on 20 fixed routes, ads can reach 5,000 ECAT passengers a day. ECAT riders include a diverse population; including parents, students, seniors, business commuters, and more.


For additional information about advertising or pricing on ECAT buses, contact:

Angela Walden

*Advertising is not route specific

e.g. 3685 Muldoon Rd Pensacola, FL 32526
e.g. Cordova Mall
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