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Riding the Bus

1. Getting Started

The first step is deciding your destination and when you want to arrive. Start here with the system-wide map and identify the routes you will need to reach your destination.

If you need assistance in planning your trip, call ECAT Customer Service at 850-595-3228.


2. Purchase Your Tickets

Tickets can be purchased:

  1. At the Rosa Park Transit Terminal
  2. Onboard the bus

3. Go to Your Bus Stop

Be at the stop at least five minutes before your bus arrives. Use our ECAT Tracker App to help you keep track of your bus arrival. Be prepared for delays due to traffic, road construction, or bad weather. To stay informed about ECAT service updates click here.

4. Identify Your Bus

To identify your correct bus, look to the destination signs located above the windshield of the bus and to the left of the front door.

5. Bus Fare

When you board the bus, please have your cash, pass, ticket, change card, transfer, and if necessary, your identification ready. For more information about ECAT bus passes and tickets click here.

6. Boarding the Bus

For your safety, please stand on the sidewalk away from the curb, wait for the bus to come to a complete stop, and allow passengers to exit before boarding.

All ECAT buses are equipped to lower for individuals who have difficulty stepping from the curb to the bus step. When you need the bus lowered, please inform the bus operator.

7. Transfers

Your ECAT Transfer will be active for a 2-hour time period. When you board the bus:

  1. Pay your fare.
  2. If needed, request a transfer.
  3. You may use this transfer for the 2-hour time period marked on the back.
  4. When the 2-hour time period expires, you must pay the base fare again.

8. Departure

When you see the bus approaching your stop, press the strip along the wall or pull the yellow cord to signal the bus operator that you wish to depart at the next stop. Be sure to have all of your belongings with you, and then exit the bus through the closest door.

e.g. 3685 Muldoon Rd Pensacola, FL 32526
e.g. Cordova Mall
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