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Due to flooding and roadway debris, ECAT will not run bus or trolley service Friday, Sept. 18. ECAT will resume transportation as soon as it's safe to do so. ECCT will only be providing life-sustaining transports.

For all ECAT COVID-19 updates, go HERE

Onboard Etiquette

People on a bus

We look forward to you riding with us. In an effort to make everyone’s trip safe and pleasant, please observe the following policies:

  • Open food and drink are not permitted.
  • Loud music, talking, and profanity are not permitted.
  • No pets are allowed except for trained personal assistance animals.
  • Do not leave your trash behind.
  • Shoes and shirt must be worn.
  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • Weapons are prohibited.
  • Do not distract bus operator.
  • Do not place objects in aisle.
  • For year-round comfort, keep windows closed.

Simply put, we enforce these ECAT policies because safety is our top priority. Your Bus Operators:

  • Have the responsibility and authority to enforce ECAT rules and policies.
  • Have defensive driving training.
  • Have passenger assistance and sensitivity training.
  • Have a CDL driver’s license.
  • Are tested for drug and alcohol use.
  • Must pass a criminal background and motor vehicle record check.
  • Should be polite, courteous, neatly dressed in uniform, and wear an ECAT photo identification badge.

For a PDF of the full Code of Conduct, click here.

e.g. 3685 Muldoon Rd Pensacola, FL 32526
e.g. Cordova Mall