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ECAT will be running regular modified service starting Tuesday, September 22nd. The following routes will be temporarily suspended until further notice: 41, 59A, 59X, 61 and 64. Go here for more details.

For all ECAT COVID-19 updates, go HERE

COA Phase 2 Route Modifications Survey

ECAT is planning for the future and we need your feedback to help improve transit services. Your participation in this survey is totally voluntary. Your responses to this survey will be combined with others from the public and will not in any way identify you personally. 

THANK YOU for helping ECAT improve its services!
Do you ride or have you ever ridden ECAT Bus Service?

Which route(s) have you ridden before?

What type of fare did you pay when the last time you boarded an ECAT bus?

On average, how many days per week do you ride the bus?

Where are you going when you normally travel on ECAT? Select all that apply.

How would you make this trip if ECAT routes were no longer available? Select all that apply.

How would the following recommended route modifications affect your ability to use ECAT?

If Route 41 was no longer available

If Route 57 eliminated Saturday service

If Route 57 no longer provided service to Corry Station

If Route 59A was no longer available

If Route 59X eliminated Monday-Thursday service

If Route 61 eliminated Saturday service

If Route 64 eliminated Friday service

e.g. 3685 Muldoon Rd Pensacola, FL 32526
e.g. Cordova Mall