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What is the ADA?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law that guarantees people with disabilities full and equal access to the same services and accommodations available to people without disabilities. Under the ADA, public buses that run on regular schedules along specific routes (called fixed-route service) must be accessible to people with disabilities. When fixed-route service is not accessible or when a passenger with a disability is not able to use the fixed-route system, ADA mandates that transit systems operate ADA Transportation. ADA Transportation prohibits priorities by trip purpose (i.e., medical, employment, recreation, etc.).

ECAT ADA Transportation

This is an ECAT service specifically for individuals with disabilities, who because of their disability are unable to use the ECAT fixed-route service, or travel to an ECAT bus stop. For ADA eligible riders traveling within the ECAT service area, ADA Transportation will provide service using an ADA accessible vehicle. ADA Transportation is provided curb-to-curb or upon request, door-to-door. ECAT is responsible for the administration of this service, however service is provided by the Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC), Escambia County Community Transportation, in contract accordance with Escambia County.

The goal of Escambia County Area Transit and the Americans with Disabilities Act is to provide transportation services that promote integration and independence of persons with disabilities. Check out the following links for information and resources:

CLICK HERE for the Full ADA Handbook

CLICK HERE for detailed ADA Transportation Info

CLICK HERE for ADA Transportation Application

CLICK HERE for ADA Transportation Grievance Policy

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